At Elde,
we design and implement High Productivity and High Efficiency business solutions for tangible impact.

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Complementing Your
Legacy Systems

Helping you stay relevant and responsive to the rapidly changing business climate


By converging information technology and operational technology

Using intelligent business process management and process automation

Through business intelligence, contextual reporting, and proactiveuctive alerts

Convergence of Information Technology & Operational Technology

We understand the value that data brings, not only from your business and digital processes but also from your manual processes. While digitising data is crucial, its seamless orchestration into your business ecosystem, with an understanding of the return on investment (RoI), is the outcome we focus on.

We work with out-of-the-box bespoke technology solutions devised using innovations such as wireless sensor networks, RFID, barcodes, QR codes, GPS, etc., which automate manual processes within a physical business environment to generate data for monitoring, collaboration, continuous improvement, and a lot more.

Some of our solutions that can transform your operations include Smart manufacturing, Smart Logistics, Smart Access Control etc. Connect with us to know how we can improve your operational efficiency by integrating relevant hardware technology into your business processes.

Intelligent Business Process Management & Automation

Heavy investments made in enterprise platforms may at times seem to weigh down your digital strategy, especially during times when the business climate demands an agile approach. At Elde, we come to you with a proposition that will allow you to have your cake and eat it too!

With a digital-first strategy, our solutions are built to complement your existing digital infrastructure, bring to the table a quantifiable benefit to your bottom line, and scale with you through your business journey, like a reliable companion.

We come to you with a refreshing change in our approach in addressing complex enterprise challenges, simply. Introducing a revolutionary no-code technology platform that will digitally transform and make virtually any process visibly efficient within days. Connect with us to know how


With data being generated as we move from one process to the next, the true value of this data is derived only when it can be transformed into information that can drive a decision. This transformation of your data is done at a tactical business activity monitoring (BAM) level, which addresses operational priorities and, at a strategic business intelligence (BI) level, reveals larger patterns that may help stakeholders navigate through critical strategic initiatives or even formulate them as a result.

Connect with us to know how we can optimise your existing information systems to make your decision control more proactive, prescriptive, and contextual, hence doing away with redundant and lengthy reporting.


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